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MODULO - Stone Veneer Solutions You Can Count On

Transforming homes with stone cladding since 1984

With over 35 years of industry experience, our craftsmanship and creative eye for design have made us one of the most revered stone veneer makers in Europe, and beyond.

At Modulo, we believe in the home-enhancing benefits of wall cladding and it’s this unrivaled passion for our craft that makes our products the best in the business.

Our dazzling stone cladding products are originally designed in France by master craftsmen. Our proud French roots flourished over 30 years of local production and innovative approach to stone craft is not only trendsetting but gives our interior and exterior stone veneers a stunning appearance coupled with a superior quality that is built using cutting-edge production techniques. We are often copied but never surpassed.

In addition to our passion for stone veneers, we care about the planet. We are an eco-friendly manufacturer with a commitment to green-friendly processes and as such, our products are completely free from synthetic gypsum.

We know that your home is one of your most valued assets and that everyone’s tastes or preferences are different. So, at Modulo, we offer a service that is seamless, personal, and completely tailored to you—the individual.

Our customers are our lifeblood and we work with every valued member of the Modulo family to ensure that they get the perfect stone veneer for their homes.

As one of Europe’s most cutting-edge decorative stone manufacturers, we have a longstanding track record of excellence.

The authenticity of our products, coupled with unrivalled quality, is what sets us apart from the competition while propelling our ongoing success.

With us, no stone is left unturned: our craftsmen are industry-leading, our processes are as painstaking as they are innovative, and our attention to detail is exceptional.

Did you know? We were the first brand in Europe to introduce the concept of stone veneer with an industry-leading installation kit that contains all of all the necessary components for superior interior or exterior installation without the need of a professional installer or mason. We placed the power into the hands of our customers.

Fast forward slightly. This installation concept is now a standard in the stone veneer market all around the world. A testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation. Here’s to the next chapter.

Are you ready to transform your home with Modulo?

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